Strategic Corporate Responsibilities

Reporting to the board of directors, our executive team oversees the design and implementation of corporate business strategies. We maintain an Enterprise Risk Management Team to review the company’s key strategic risks with the board, ensure risk mitigation remains integrated with our long-term business strategies, and oversee implementation of robust crisis management and business continuity programs. Our general counsel regularly reviews compliance guidance from the Department of Justice and other key federal and state agencies with our executive management team and board of directors to enhance our efforts to operate with best governance practices. We have implemented vigorous information governance and cybersecurity programs to ensure we capture, retain, and secure the inherent value in our proprietary data and safeguard our employees’ personal data. We also maintain a strong government affairs team focused on public advocacy regarding government policies, legislation, regulations, and executive actions that impact our business. Finally, we participate in several industry groups to exchange input on developing issues important to our business.

Through our corporate structure, policies, and commitment to strategic corporate responsibility, we have developed and sustained a culture that values safety, honesty, integrity, fierce competition, and teamwork. These values are the core of our business and help foster our long-term business success.