ECO-Pad® is a drilling technique whereby Continental drills four wells from a single drilling pad. The approach allows us to develop two separate formations on two separate spacing units simultaneously, increasing production efficiency. It also allows us to harvest more of a reservoir’s resources while reducing environmental impact on the surface of the land.

While other companies are using a single-pad technique for extracting natural gas, we are using the technology to drill for oil. We completed our first ECO-Pad project in 2010 in Dunn County, North Dakota from the Three Forks and Middle Bakken formations of the North Dakota Bakken.

The ECO-Pad technique provides an estimated 10% cost savings on the drilling and completion of each well. We plan to add approximately 40 ECO-Pad projects in 2011 and 2012, and to see continued cost savings on each well.

All statements on this page are made as of February 2012 and may not be accurate at the date you are reviewing this page.

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