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We believe we are among the most efficient and cost-effective producers of oil and natural gas on the planet. One reason why, is we are invested in the United States, with a premier portfolio of assets in unconventional resource plays in North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Texas. We believe these assets represent decades of future development and production, with the opportunity to grow to meet the increasing energy demands of the modern world, here and across the globe.

Major U.S. Operations

Material Positions in 4 World-Class Basins

Operations Map

Operations Map

Where we produce

We are the largest leaseholder in the Bakken field that stretches across parts of North Dakota and Montana. We also have significant positions in the SCOOP and STACK plays of the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma and newly acquired positions in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Permian Basin of Texas.

A 50-year record of success

We have been in this business a very long time. And we’re here to stay. Unlike companies that recently jumped in with no track record and little experience, we are a true oil and natural gas innovator. We were one of the first companies to deploy horizontal drilling on a large scale, enabling us to become a leader in well safety and environmental stewardship. Horizontal drilling remains a game-changing technology that has fundamentally altered the economic and geopolitical realties of our world.

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Horizontal drilling

Decades ago, we created the ECO-Pad® technology that allowed us to drill multiple wells from a single site, maximizing the benefits of horizontal drilling and minimizing our drilling and production footprint. Today, we can drill up to 12 wells from a single pad reaching out nearly two miles or more in any direction. Over time, it has become the industry standard.
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Well stimulation

Tight rock formations hold huge reservoirs of oil and natural gas. Thanks to horizontal drilling, new stimulation advances and better, more accurate mapping technologies, we have unlocked the hydrocarbons that were previously unreachable or uneconomic to produce.
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Technical Papers
For safety data sheets, please contact the Safety Department at 1-405-774-5473.