Investing in Our Communities

At Continental, we believe in our communities.

One of the most effective ways of putting action behind our values is by giving to the communities in which we operate. Throughout the history of our company, Continental Resources has focused on three areas of giving:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Silhouette of workers at oil refinery


Health is a cornerstone of our giving at Continental Resources. We actively give to marathons, fundraisers, research initiatives, and wellness classes and events. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation for our partners to promote healthy lifestyles and help eradicate diseases.


We invest in the future leaders of our country and our industry. We focus our educational giving on programs that improve and develop effective curriculum with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, math, and reading. We believe education is a core component to ensure a future of innovation of prosperity for the next generations of America.


Industry Advocacy

Industry advocacy means sustaining our business and supporting the engine that drives our economy. The oil and natural gas industry is creating millions of jobs, billions in tax revenue, balance of trade, and energy security. Through our efforts to stand with industry peers in educating the public about the benefits of oil and natural gas, we believe Americans will embrace the truth about our industry, along with the promise of a better future provided by the miracle of American oil.

Request a Donation

Continental Resources accepts donation requests from organizations in our operating areas, with a primary focus on health, education and industry advocacy.

Click here to request a donation.