Brother’s Keeper

We believe a strong safety culture requires everyone to have a voice and that everyone’s voice is heard. In 2018, Continental rolled out the Brother’s Keeper program in order to leverage and continuously improve our ability to identify and prevent reoccurrence of unsafe behaviors and conditions. This program recognizes and rewards any Continental employee or contractor working on a Continental location who observes and reports standout safety and environmental behavior such as: utilizing stop work authority; looking out for a coworker; reporting incidents, near misses, or hazard IDs; or following proper safety procedures.

The Brother’s Keeper program also encourages everyone to report areas of growth and areas of excellence, which are then communicated internally and externally, as applicable, and recognized by Continental’s field operations, HSE, and/or executive teams to drive further improvements in our safety culture and performance. This program has had a profound impact on our performance, as it has contributed to continuous improvement in our reporting rates and our strong recordable incident and lost time incident rates.