Spill Management & Response

In accordance with our HSE Policy, we also protect the environment by reducing the potential for spills in our operations. Continental designs, builds, and operates its facilities to prevent releases, and comply with federal spill prevention, control, and countermeasure requirements, where applicable, as well as state-specific spill requirements. When we have a spill, we act quickly to recover the fluids, remediate the site, and report to the applicable regulatory agency when appropriate.

Continental’s operations and environmental teams maintain environmental awareness with frequent spill incident discussions during drilling, production, and operation calls, and at safety and contractor meetings, as well as regular sharing of performance data throughout the organization. In addition, continuing focus on capturing information on spills and/or leaks, regardless of the volume, and recognizing and rewarding employees who identify or prevent potential spills in our Brother’s Keeper program helps everyone focus and become more actively involved in spill prevention.

Spills rate chart