Heather Scott Vice President, Corporate and Administrative Initiatives

Heather serves as Vice President of Corporate and Administrative Initiatives at Continental Resources.

In her current role, Heather is a strategic advisor for Continental’s corporate and administrative initiatives. Heather is responsible for planning, organizing and directing programs and projects that support Continental’s short- and long-term vision and goals. She is in charge of ensuring project management and collaboration, leading special projects and synchronizing all activities involved in the successful completion of assigned projects at the executive level.

In one of her key roles, Heather serves as a liaison with the City of Oklahoma City and works closely with city officials on Continental’s facility projects. She oversees, develops and implements policies and procedures of the organization that improve the overall operation and effectiveness of the corporation. Heather is an advocate for Continental’s employees, working diligently to manage traffic and roadway concerns, safety hazards and planning.

In facility management, Heather manages the ongoing provision of activities and services for telecommunications and data systems, building maintenance and construction management, mailroom management, printing and distribution of materials and operations for the provision of services in the areas of cafeteria, security, travel reservations, transportation and fleet management and records management.

Heather brings several years of diverse experience with her. Previously, she was named Continental’s Director of Corporate Initiatives in 2015, when she returned to the company after a stint as Director of Operations for Carlton Landing Enterprises. Her responsibilities expanded in 2016 to include supervision of the company’s administrative services, which covers management of all hard copy and electronic corporate records, print and mail center activities, facilities engineering, and reception. Heather initially joined Continental in 2010 as a member of the Legal Department, where she helped assist in the company’s move from Enid to Oklahoma City.

Heather earned a degree in business administration from Oklahoma City University with an emphasis on accounting and finance.